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Raluca - Oana Andone

Areas of expertise

· Expert on legislation (in relation with research, labor, public acquisitions, ethics) corresponding to projects financed from Structural, European and National funds;

· Legal advice on research, public acquisition of products, services and construction works, labor, scholarships  contracts;

· Participation in project drafting, implementing and managing; 

· Representing the institution in front of the audit organisms – European Commission, the Intermediary Organisms/The Management Authority, The Audit Authority – The Account Court;

· Representing the institution in courts of justice in litigation cases (litigations for the execution suspending or litigation for the annulment of the Financial Correction Minutes, litigation cases regarding public acquisition).

Andone Raluca - Oana has 18 years of legal experience working for the “Petru Poni” Macromolecular Chemistry Institute of the Romanian Academy as senior legal adviser. She participated as legal advisor in the implementing of 16 projects financed from Horizon 2020, 7th Framework Program, 6th Framework Program, SEE, structural funds and national funds. She has been for 11 years the LEAR – Legal Entity Appointed Representative for ICMPP for the Participant Portal EC tool. Dr. Andone is also member in the National Council for Ethics of Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Research (since 2020).

Within the BioNanoTech Support team she is the specialist in Legal Aspects related to Horizon 2020/Horizon Europe projects and she is also in charge with consultancy concerning the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation/Widening Actions.

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