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Teodora Rusu

Coordinator @BioNanoTech Support Centre

Dr. Rusu is the Coordinator of the BioNanoTech Center (and the project coordinator for the Structural Funds project associated to the Centre). In 2003, she started developing EU projects and she contributed to the setting up and running of the first FP6 project implemented in ICMPP: FP6- INCO CSA 17142  RAINS (2005-2008): Romanian Action for Integrating, Networking and Strengthening the European Research Area

Over the past 17 years, Dr. Rusu has written several successful projects (ex: FP6 RAINS Project, FP7 Discover Europe Project, H2020 SupraChem Lab project, etc.) and she has coordinated several EU-funded projects under a broad range of EU or  other international programmes (see CV). 

Additionally, she was detached for four years to the European Commission DG RTD, where she worked as project officer to the Unit implementing Research Infrastructures within the European Research Framework Program (2009 – 2013 covering part of FP7 and the setup of H2020)

Her direct involvement in developing and implementing projects under different programmes as well as her deployment to EC, has given her an extensive knowledge of the EU funding system. Teodora’s deep understanding of EU projects and her experience as researcher looking for financial resources for her investigation, has allowed her to share practical information and how-to advice on EU funds and projects in a variety of workshops, trainings, one to one meetings and online platforms. In addition to developing and managing EU-funded projects, she has been an evaluator of proposals under FP7 and H2020 programmes and in several national programs.

Dr. Rusu is happy to offer you support in:

-        Finding a specific call for you research idea;

-        Evaluating the eligibility of activities for your project;

-        Setting up a good consortium;

-        Writing specific parts of the proposal;

-        Negotiation and in managing your project.

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